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I have a Cisco 877w router that I have reset. After trying a lot of different Java versions for the configuration applet (turns out the router uses a deprecated certificate that has been removed from latest Java versions - I got it working with Java 6 update 16) I finally got the Cisco SDM Express Wizard running.

After going through Overview -> Basic configuration -> LAN IP Address -> DHCP I should continue to the next section, Internet (WAN), but when I click the Next button nothing happens and the wizard is stuck.

I do not have the router connected to an ADSL cable as I was hoping to be able to use one of the ethernet ports for WAN and the rest for LAN. If that is what is causing trouble I can instead use the telnet interface to configure the router, but I prefer the GUI.

Any ideas?

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It looks like I have found a solution to the problem: by downgrading Java even further the wizard works like a charm. I'm now using Java 6 update 10 and everything seems to be working fine.

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