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I followed the tutorial on http://sven.webiny.com/subversion-on-cpanel-3-with-centos-55-and-easyapache-32/ to allow mod_dav_svn (HTTP) access to SVN Repositories on my server.

Everything works fine, But the problem is on those hosts having .htaccess mod_rewrite on their web roots (like Wordpress for example), The mod_rewrite supersedes DAV_SVN and location directive (of Apache Conf.), Which is boring and stops me from being able to make /svn location use DAV_SVN.

A target example site is abiusx.com which doesn't always work on http://abiusx.com/svn

Any help would be hugely appreciated, Regards

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Directives in .htaccess will always take precedence over others, if .htaccess files are allowed. You will need your rewrite rules to specifically exclude this URL, and you might have to duplicate the directive to have them handled by mod_svn.

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