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This is my script,

suffix=$(date +%w)
rm /home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix -rf
mkdir /home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix
mongodump -h$1 -u$2 -p$3 -dmydb -o/home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix

In my crontab -e:

0   3  *   *   *    /bin/bash  /home/myuser/myproject/production/  localhost user1 pass1

When I run the script normally (executing the command above), the script works and the directory "mydb" gets created in /mongo-$suffix.

However, when I put this in crontab, /mongo-$suffix gets created but the "mydb" directory does not exist. There's nothing in /mongo-$suffix.

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You may not have mongodump in your PATH. Try using the absolute path to the mongodump command.

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If I log in as "myuser", and I just run mongodump, it works. And also, I did put it in /etc/profile. PATH=$PATH:/opt/mongodb/bin export PATH – Alex May 15 '11 at 20:25
Try doing exactly what this answer suggests, putting the full path in the script, or at least execute it as $(which mongodump). Your cron may not be loading anything from your profile. – Caleb May 15 '11 at 20:41

It is very likely a PATH issue but I would recommend to NOT override PATH in your crontab, because it is

  • really easy to avoid the behavior
  • may be a security risk

Its good bash/sh coding style to define every binary that you want to trigger with with it's full path as variable



and refer to the variable later.

$RSYNC /foo/bar baz

There are also certain options to change the user that is executing the crontab. Assuming that there is a user called mongodump that has defined a PATH that includes mongodump, you could become this user and edit it's crontab. Or you could also use

/bin/bash /bin/su - mongodump -c /bin/bash /home/myuser/myproject/production/

in roots's crontab.

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The default PATH for cron is restricted. It is usually /usr/bin:/bin. If you want to run anything outside of those directories you have several options

Use full paths to the commands e.g. /path/to/mongodump/mongodump ...

Define an extended PATH in the crontab e.g.

    0 3 * * * /bin/bash  /home/myuser/myproject/production/  localhost user1 pass1

Define the PATH in the script you are running

suffix=$(date +%w)
rm /home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix -rf
mkdir /home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix
mongodump -h$1 -u$2 -p$3 -dmydb -o/home/myuser/backup/mongo-$suffix
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