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I have Tomcat hosting a web app on port 8080 within an EC2 micro instance. From my home network I can get to the web page no problem, but from any other network 3G cell, or my co-worker's home network the website "stops responding" and never connects. I've checked the security settings for the instance multiple times and have set port 8080 for access from I consistently connect from my home network without issues. Is there an EC2 setting that only allows incoming traffic from one ip? Any ideas on why I can only connect from my home ip? Thanks

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  1. Are you using the public DNS name for your EC2 instance?
  2. Try accessing your IP/port from an external tool such as:
  3. Run netstat -a or tcpdump to see if your request actually arrives on the server or if there is some application issue preventing a response
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You might want to think about using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk Tomcat instead. Each instance of Beanstalk is the same price as a node of Linux or Windows. Also, you can compile and publish directly to the Beanstalk instance from Eclipse. All of this takes a little bit of money of course, probably as much as 12 cents per hour, depending on how you deploy.

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