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I have two process which are running on different VM's(VMware and KVM).Now I wants both the processes to be run on a single host.Will it work if i use both VMware and KVM in a single host?

Thanks Surya

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in short - NO. Both platforms use their own kmod to manage the VT extensions, and the module requires exclusiveness.

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Your question lacks detail and thought. The amount of useful information you get out of a site like this will usually scale with the amount of work you put in to describing your problem.

To answer the question you have asked: no. Virtual Machine hosts are exclusive, like operating systems. You can, with some VM systems, run one inside another, but that way madness lies.

The sane approach is this: pick one VM system, run both VM guests inside it. There are tools to convert KVM disk images to VMware and vice versa.

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