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My site is not reachable by 36 Host of 50 host all over the world:

Hosting company told me it's the problem of DNS and Domain Registrar (My DNS Server is DNS-DIY Which is free service by OnlineNic) and Domain Registrar told me this is a problem of Hosting company (iWeb).

My primary domain is and my Nameservers are> and>

Can you please tell me how can I understand where is the root of evil? I would appreciate any help.

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this is certainly a registrar-problem and has nothing to do with your personal internet-access. If a site is inaccessible on more than your own location your domain is not yet propagated to every rootserver, contact your Domain registrar and show them the above link.

edit : works from here (Germany)

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Thank for your useful answer. Here is something weird. Domain RISAMAN.COM is seen from everywhere without any problem: But domain 1EMPERATOR.COM which is pointing to NS1/NS2.RISAMAN.COM is NOT: What does it mean? (Both domain point to same Nameserver) – bman May 16 '11 at 11:54
same here : domain not yet propagated, either you need to wait a few more hours (up to 2 days) in order to access the site through its name or your registrar needs to fix their servers .... i had a similar problem yesterday with one of my domains - my registrar was at fault. is indeed not accessible from my location, i do remember that the first char in a domain-name must not be a number, i think this violates certain rules hence the domain got blocked ... but im not quite sure about that, ask your registrar – specializt May 16 '11 at 12:11

The problem is that the name servers listed for your domain ( and are not answering authoratatively for your domain ( Have you set up the zone or requested that it be set up by whomever manages the name servers at and

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