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I'm currently running Windows Server 2008 on my 1024mb VPS. Everything is fine but the memory tends to stay high a little.

  1. I want to run a web and mail server. So here are my questions :

  2. Is there any major drawbacks like missing technologies? Will I be able to run Web Deploy, ASP.NET MVC 3, iis7, etc ?

  3. Will there be a noticeable difference in speed and memory?

  4. Is it as easy to configure as 2008?

  5. Non-related question : I'm looking for a good free mail server, any suggestions? (pop, imap, smtp, webmail)

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Yes, there's a big difference. Win2k8 has IIS 7.x Win2k3 has IIS 6. End of story. You can't upgrade IIS independent of the OS.

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Oh this sucks a LOT. Damn it... – TomShreds May 16 '11 at 13:38
On top, 2008 actually deals with less memory better - so ;) You go the wrong direction. Just realize you possibly needmore than 1024mb ;) – TomTom May 16 '11 at 13:59

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