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Again and again we have problems with software running on citrix servers because they don't have the same configuration. Perhaps an ODBC-DNS configuration is wrong or some rights are missing.

Is there a tool to compare that the configrations of our citrix servers are the same?

Tanks in advance

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Commercial software like Opsware (now owned by HP, with a longer name) can do this. Not only will it compare configs, it will push the configs to be the same.

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I haven't found a commercial tool yet.

If your willing to exercise your scripting skills then a combination of pstools from Sysinternals and Windows reg command line executable in a batch file is where I would start.

Another alternative to explore is monitoring software that allows you to create custom agents. We have configured Nagios to monitor a Windows server environment by deploying custom agents that are essentially windows batch files returning a result to the Nagios monitoring server when called. There might be commercial software that has a lower learning curve you could use.

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