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I'm looking for a convenient way to control access controls (specifically, to block URLs based on regex matching) of a squid server running on OS X.

I checked out webmin and it seems incredibly outdated (references OS X 10.3 in the instructions) so I'm wary of installing it.

As an extra bonus, it would be great if you recommend some tool that combines acl controls with log analysis, so that if I see excessive access to some specific URL family I can directly block those URLs.


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Umm. Webmin is still actively maintained - the latest release 1.550 dates from Apr, 27th of this year and thus just about 3 weeks old. I never dreamt of running it on Windows or OS X, but I can't see a reason why a Perl project like Webmin would not work there. And a squid administration interface along with a squid log parser / report generator are part of the standard modules list: – the-wabbit May 17 '11 at 21:33