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I have been put in charge of setting up a CDN account for streaming video but am not actually running the site that will host the content. How can I test that a published RTMP URL is working? Do I need to create a test page with a Flash video player or is there a simple tool that can consume RTMP streams that can be used to test? The URL is in the following format:


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I was able to verify that it's working using rtmpdump found here:


rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -o test.flv

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You might be able to open up a "network location" via VLC player.

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The version of VLC on my system doesn't seem to support RTMP however this solution should probably work otherwise. Thanks. – Dave Forgac May 17 '11 at 19:31

There's a test player built for CRTMPD (But it'll work for any RTMP server)

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This will definitely work:

Just go to the link above and test your rtmp url, easy and fast!

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Since rtmpdump is not in the repos for some linuxes (centos), here is an option that uses a much more common tool (curl):

if [[ `curl --connect-timeout 1 --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail rtmp:// 2>&1` ]]
  echo "failing!"
  echo "working!"

NOTE: This can have false positives (Says a stream is working when it's not) but it works well enough for my needs.

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