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Every once in a while I need to put a rack mount switch on a table for a few days for LAN access. Does any company make a locking enclosure for a single 1U switch? The smaller the better. Just something that will keep people from bumping fiber connections and messing with RJ45 connections.

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Lock the door to the room, or put it somewhere it can't get bumped into? – DanBig May 17 '11 at 20:42
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What about Fly cases ?

You can get a small one like this one : ,

Close the front door to hide the switch, and pass the fibers and cables by the back.

It's standard 19" so it should not be a problem, I use this for my lab.

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I didn't even think about these, the portability is a big plus. Thanks. – Peter May 19 '11 at 18:29

Not endorsing any of these products or the supply company in particular, but it's a good reference for what is available:

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Closest thing I can think of is something like this 10U wall-mount rack. (Np affiliation, I just buy some stuff from them occasionally.) For this one, you'd have to bolt on some sort of back cover, but that could just be a piece of wood.

Try googling variations of "wall-mount 19 rack" or "desktop 19 rack"

Also try searching for "enclosures" not racks, that's how I found this one:

One last result that turned up searching for desktop 19" enclosures. Never heard of this company before, but this looks like what you're after:

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OTOH, isn't this a shopping question? – Ward May 17 '11 at 20:44

Such cabinets are extremely common. Where to get one will depend on just where you are, as it's unlikely to be cost effective to have them transported any great distance. I suggest you pop in to your local electrical wholesaler (or whatever they're called where you are) and pick the one you like from the many available makes and models.

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