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I just had a server die on me and I wasn't able to export the SSL certificate to the new server. Can I install the .pfx file from the original webserver to the new one or do I need to generate a new certificate?

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You should be able to just go to the authoritative host and re-download it. If it's self signed, just generate a new one. – George May 17 '11 at 16:42
Hi George. Do i select the option 'Import a certificate from .pfx'? – chopps May 17 '11 at 16:44
If you create the certificate, you'll need to import that into your cert store. Once in your personal (MY) store, you'll want to use "Assign an existing certificate". If you imported it correctly, it will appear as a selectable cert. – George May 17 '11 at 16:47
@george - there's no need to do that when importing a SSL certificate into IIS 6 or IIS7. You can use the tooling and wizard in IIS manager without touching the Cert Store and it'll do the "right thing". – Kev May 17 '11 at 16:49
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You can just import the original SSL to the new server without any fussing around generating new CSR's or touching the certificate store directly.

Use the "Import a certificate from a .pfx file" option in the IIS Certificate Wizard (if you're using IIS6):

enter image description here

If this is IIS7 you need to import the SSL using the Server Certificates feature in IIS Manager (which exists at the server level branch of the tree):

enter image description here

To assign the certificate to a site you need to edit the site's bindings and choose the certificate from the list available:

enter image description here

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Copy the certificate from the original server to your new server:

  1. On a server that has the SSL certificate, open IIS.
  2. In the Connections pane (on the left) select the server.
  3. In the middle pane open Server Certificates.
  4. Right-click the certificate and select Export…
  5. Export the certificate to a .pfx file and provide a password.
  6. Copy the .pfx file to the server that needs the new certificate.
  7. In IIS on the 2nd server, open IIS and go to Server Certificates.
  8. In the Actions pane (on the right) click Import...
  9. Browse to the .pfx file and enter its password.
  10. Ensure the bindings in the websites get updated to use the new certificate.
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