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anyone has a nice, simple script for backing up a VPS to a S3 bucket? can be ruby, python, whatever...

should be easy to configure!


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I use Tim Kay's aws script to do backups to S3.

Works well for my needs, which is just website files and mysql databases.

Not really sure exactly what you mean by "backing up a VPS" though.

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Duplicity supports Amazon S3 storage among many others (local file storage, scp/ssh, ftp, rsync, HSI, WebDAV, Tahoe-LAFS)

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I have setup the S3 Bucket as a mounted network drive in the VPS (Centos 5), then configured incremental backups in WHM (Web Host Manager) and used this mounted drive as destination.

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I'm using AWS Command Line Interface. The setup is easy. There are plenty of documentation and examples online. And best of all it is a native tool openly developed by the AWS Team.

For example, you can sync a local folder (in your VPS) with a S3 Bucket like this:

$ aws s3 sync /local/path/ s3://my-bucket/MyFolder --recursive --exclude '*.log'

The --recursive option will transvers all your folders copying everything except log files (using the --exclude option). This is just an example. The AWS CLI tool provides various options (cp, ls, mb, mv, rb, rm, sync, website) to configure any kind of solution for backup.

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