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I am using a Cisco SSL VPN client to connect from a 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04 computer to a 32-bit Windows 7 computer. When I request an RDP session from the SSL VPN site, the properJavaRDP plugin fires up, makes a connection to the server, and then returns the following error:

Connection Exception Wrong Modulus size! Expected64+8got:264

My session can never get past that point. Has anyone seen this error before and have any clue how to resolve it? Thanks!

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Here's some more information that might be helpful,

Cisco ASA - Java RDP Error - Connection Exception Wrong modulus size

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Welcome to Server Fault, Pete. We advise against answers here that purely link off-site. Please consider pasting the relevant information into your answer here - that way, if the site you linked to ever goes down the solution is not lost. Also, please give our FAQ the once over, especially the Can I use a signature or tagline? section. – Ben Pilbrow May 23 '11 at 19:56

The properJavaRDP plugin will not work with Windows 7. The Cisco rdp2 plugin needs to be installed on the ASA.

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