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Greetings, I have searched through the similar questions but didn't found an answer. Also I did search on google but nothing relevant that could help me.

I have a desktop with 10.04 ubuntu on it and lamp. The problem is that I want apache to work with IPV4.How do I do that? What exactly do I need to write on my httpd.conf file?

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This is not a question I expected to see for another 5 years or so... – Matt Simmons May 18 '11 at 12:02

By defaul apache should work on ipv4 protocol. check


for host and port configuration. also check http://localhost to know if apache is working. if not -- run console and print there

sudo service apache2 start

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I'm gonna guess that when you access localhost you notice it's running IPv6. This is because /etc/hosts and/or your nameserver points localhost to ::1 and your browser contacts apache this way. Either tell your browser to prefer IPv4 or access through a different hostname which you specify in /etc/hosts or your name server.

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