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In the web interface I have messages queuing up, and it tells me that Backup is in progress. This is not my main server, but I am attempting to help with this queue issue.

Apparently this is a long term issue, and happens every now and again. Any hints and tips about how to prevent this happening in future, will be greatly appreciated. I do not want kerio services disturbed by in house kerio processes - That's just a bad programming!


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Which version of Kerio Connect are you running?

I have administered Kerio from when it was called Mailserver on all three major platforms and haven't had any issues with backups.

Some questions to assist with diagnosis:

  • How big is your mail store?
  • How many accounts do you have and how big are they on average?
  • Do you have it set to do full backups every time or incremental?
  • How is your mail store connected to your server? iSCSI? Fibre? Local disks?
  • What's the I/O load on your mail store location and backup location?
  • Is there space on your backup location?
  • What medium are you backing up to?

Is there anything in the logs (Kerio or OS X) which hint to any problem that may be causing this to happen?

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Kerio uses postfix as a MTA and it maintains a database of messages going through server. It really needs to shutdown processes for a while to make a current snapshot but it shouldn't take long. Do you get any errors in the log? Do you have enough space on the target volume?

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It transpired that it was a DDOS attack - our network was being flooded with data from outside - a quick jig to the firewall, and order was restored :)

But I will keep these answers, they are useful.

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