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I have a Hobbit server set up with a handful of hosts using conn, http, ssh, and sslcert services, but would like to add the other tests as well. I've installed hobbit-client on a server, and added:


to it's host line in bb-hosts, and added:

before the default configuration in hobbit-clinets.cfg, but no joy. Does anyone know what else I need to do for those tests to register?

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Your changes to bb-hosts and hobbit-clients.cfg should not be necessary. The following entry in bb-hosts works fine for me:    myserver

And the extra columns will show regardless of your hobbit-clients.cfg configuration.

I would check the client side:

  • In hobbitclient.cfg, is the BBDISP variable set to the IP address of the server?
  • Have you run on the client? You should add it as a service so it starts automatically when the host starts.
  • Do the clientlaunch.log and hobbitclient.log show errors?

If that doesn't work, make sure hobbitd is running on the server and listening on the port defined in hobbitclient.cfg.

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At first, the /var/run/hobbit directory didn't exist; I found a bug on launchpad that noted this ( However, this threw other errors about not being able to chmod. After creating the directory and relaunching, I found a bbdisp-runtime.cfg with as the server. I replaced that and restarted, only to have my ip overwritten again by the I then changed it again, without restarting the client. Now there are no error messages in the client, and no status on the server. – Bryan Agee May 25 '11 at 20:12
Also, the server does show that it is listening: hobbitd 1051 hobbit 3u IPv4 8012 0t0 TCP *:1984 (LISTEN) – Bryan Agee May 25 '11 at 20:12
UPDATE: I tried installing it on another (newer) machine; it shows the correct address, but there are no entries in the logs on either the server or the client, in spite of the hobbit daemon running. – Bryan Agee May 25 '11 at 20:40
When you run the client, it should at least create some entries in the clientlaunch.log file: "hobbitlaunch starting" and "Loading tasklist configuration.." – Tom Shaw May 26 '11 at 0:28

I had the same behaviour when I needed to change the server the client was reporting to.

On Debian, I found that the file /etc/default/hobbit-client was actually providing the IP address.

I tracked this down when I saw it was an included file in /etc/hobbit/hobbitclient.cfg.

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