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I have a customer that has a server he no longer needs. I have another customer who needs a server. This server isn't new but it will easily handle the job. Is there a way to determine what a fair price should be?

If anyone here knows based on the hardware, here's the makeup of the machine.

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I'd use eBay completed listings as a fair indicator of the value someone is willing to pay for server hardware. A similar server is available (but hasn't sold) on eBay for $900US. I'd estimate $600-$700 for this server setup.

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For most commodity hardware, straight-line depreciation over 6 years is probably a safe bet.

Price = Price * ((6-age)/6)
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I'm more a fan of 18-month double declining Price = Purchase * 0.5 ^ (Age/1.5) as it accurately reflects Moore's Law. – Chris S May 20 '11 at 15:40

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