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I created a new db in WAMP, and I note that under the 'Privileges' tab that list the users I have one user that I didn't create, named 'root'. What is it? It is listed twice, once under 'localhost' and once under ''. I understand that this is the address for 'localhost', but why list it twice? Also, I created a user, 'admin', and it appears under 'localhost', but not'. I'd like to understand why.

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In MySQL, the root user is a system default. What the users are "appearing under" is the host specification for the user; this allows controlling of the devices that a user is able to log in from. Oftentimes this can be restricted to a single device (as in your case, since the web server is on the same system), but in other cases remote access is needed from different location/network or a number of locations; this would require different host specifications.

The system default root account is specified with localhost and as a failsafe for when the skip-name-resolve option is used in the configuration; in that case, the localhost specification is useless and root would be unable to log in without the entry.

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+1 Very good and simple explaination. I've always wondered why there was a localhost and entry... :) –  Kyle Smith May 19 '11 at 0:58
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