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How I can load the data from myd back up file to the database table? I have all 3 files:
frm , myd and myi.

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EXAMPLE the MyISAM table you are restoring is called mytable and datadir is /var/lib/mysql


If one of the databases is named 'sample'

Step 1) Drop the mytable.frm, mytable.MYD, and mytable.MYI files /var/lib/mysql/sample

Step 2) cd /var/lib/mysql/sample

Step 3) chown mysql:mysql mytable.*

THAT's IT !!!

There is nothing to worry about in terms of mysql GRANTS. The information_schema will automatically record the presence of the new table in its tables. No need to restart mysql whatsoever.

In mysql client,

use sample
SELECT * FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema='sample' AND table_name='mytable'\G

Give it a Try !!!

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In most cases, you just can copy the files into your MySQL datadir and (re)start mysql - the database will be available for local use as "root".

As access permissions are not stored in the database itself, but in a table of the "mysql" database, you might need to add permissions for access by remote or non-root users using the GRANT syntax.

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