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I need to migrate a Lotus Notes Mail database to Exchange. In the past, Users get mails in their Notes mail accounts and sort them manually by drag and drop in a specific folder structure in a seperate Notes mail database.

This should be mapped to Exchange. I considered using outlook and a sharepoint Library mapped to outlook, but Outlook does not support drag and drop from the mail account to a standard doclib and the discussion libs do not support folders.

So I think it's the easiest way to use an Exchange public folder instead of a sharepoint lib, which should work as in Notes (correct me if I'm wrong). But how I do migrate the old Notes db to the public folder including all subfolders?

Thank you!

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I think that you will need to use a 3-rd party tool to convert the NSF to a PST, then import it to the public folder.

I just used XitNotes to convert an old set of NSF's successfully for a client, and it was cheap. http://www.lotus-notes-export.com/XitNotes.asp?MoreInfo=1?LeftMain

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If you don't have any workflows to worry about, migrating the content into a mailbox should be fine.

There are several relatively inexpensive 3rd party options available to migrate notes/domino content >> exchange.

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