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munin-node-configure --suggest tells me that the apache_* nodes cannot be used:

apache_accesses            | no   | no [Port 80: Authorization Required]   
apache_processes           | no   | no [Port 80: Authorization Required]   
apache_volume              | no   | no [Port 80: Authorization Required]

This is correct: the virtual-host is the only accessible site and is put behind a simple .htaccess login.

How can I configure the apache_* nodes to login with basic authentication? Is that possible at all?

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After diving into the sourcecode for the apache_ nodes, I found the documentation on this issue in there:

If you need authenticated access to the URL you can specify the
username and password in the URL.  For example:

     env.url http://munin:spamalot@localhost/server-status?auto

This works.

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