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I have a domain 'host10' that no longer exists on the system. The config file was renamed, the configuration changed to point to a different .img, and the image name was renamed as well.

I've done this multiple times, in the end I renamed and moved 10 domU's. This is the ONLY one that continuously tries to restore when the system boots.

How can I prevent xend from trying to restore a deleted VM? I removed the symlink out of /etc/xen/auto, to no avail.

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Xen makes a file, called a save file, in my case (CentOS 5.6) it was in /var/lib/xen/save. I did an rm on that file, and now it no longer attempts to restore this deleted VM.

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Perhaps you should disable this function. We had here the problem that there was an old snapshot of an mashine in this folder. And after a long time we made a reboot and they restored the old snapshot. After that the filesystem in the disk was broken. Perhaps it was only a bug but i don't know. – Stony May 26 '11 at 7:49

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