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I need ProFTPd to connect to few databases/tables and authorize users by data from them.

I have ftp login data in db/tables:

db1 / ftp

db2 / ftp

db2 / users

db2 / ftp_vip

db3 / data

Can you give me right proftp.conf and/or sql.conf for that? I tried multiple solutions with SQLNamedQuery and SQLNamedConnectInfo but it won't work or work only for db1 / ftp and igonres other settings.

I wonna to do it only by ProFTPd modules without any external soft.

PS. Proftpd version: 1.3.3a or 1.3.4rc2 (no matter for me)

//EDIT: db3 is on another machine, so view will not make it.

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Using SQLNamedConnectInfo should do what you want. Could you provide examples of what you tried when using that, and how exactly it didn't work? Or maybe just show us the mod_sql config you're using (without sensitive username/password information)? – Castaglia Jan 9 at 18:20
@Castaglia I've already fixed this using aggreator and Redis database (secured of course) to make this work. I left this question open, because maybe there will be new feature in future implemented in ProFTPd to support multiple databases. – Misiek Apr 19 at 20:08
the SQLNamedConnectInfo directive I mentioned does allow ProFTPD to support multiple databases. – Castaglia Apr 19 at 20:12
@Castaglia yes, but if I understand docs correctly it doesn't allow to specify different table names for each db. There is one schema that must be exactly the same in all databases. – Misiek Apr 19 at 22:19
That's incorrect; the schema can be different in the different databases. It is the SQLNamedQuery which indicates which schema, in which database, is needed. – Castaglia Apr 19 at 22:24

One solution would be to aggregate all the mysql data together using views.

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db3 is on another machine, so view will not make it. – Misiek May 23 '11 at 13:42

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