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I need ProFTPd to connect to few databases/tables and authorize users by data from them.

I have ftp login data in db/tables:

db1 / ftp

db2 / ftp

db2 / users

db2 / ftp_vip

db3 / data

Can you give me right proftp.conf and/or sql.conf for that? I tried multiple solutions with SQLNamedQuery and SQLNamedConnectInfo but it won't work or work only for db1 / ftp and igonres other settings.

I wonna to do it only by ProFTPd modules without any external soft.

PS. Proftpd version: 1.3.3a or 1.3.4rc2 (no matter for me)

//EDIT: db3 is on another machine, so view will not make it.

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One solution would be to aggregate all the mysql data together using views.

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db3 is on another machine, so view will not make it. – Misiek May 23 '11 at 13:42

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