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I installed the mod_security version 2.5.13 with apache2 and I'm facing problem with SecResponseBodyLimit: ( ModSecurity: Output filter: Response body too large (over limit of 524288, total not specified))

and my question is: what is the impact of increasing the SecResponseBodyLimit from default value (512k) to (5M) ?

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It means that anything over that limit will be rejected with a 500-Internal Server Error code.

To change what it does when it hits that error the SecResponseBodyLimitAction directive affects that.

By default, ModSecurity will reject a response body that is longer than specified. Some web sites, however, will produce very long responses, making it difficult to come up with a reasonable limit.

Reject causes the 500 error, where ProcessPartial allows even long responses to be allowed, but only the first part of long responses will be processed against mod_security.

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