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I am newbie to concepts like Cname, A record and all. I am running a EC2 instance with tomcat6. Now I need to map my java based application to

I just went through few documents and FAQ's. I attached a elastic IP and mapped that Elastic IP to A address with host="www" and points to "elastic ip of my instance" now I am able to see the tomcat6 Root folder content. I need to map that directly my application, say I have my web application store in a folder called "myapp".

now if i type it should directly load the home of the my application "myapp"

How do I do it?

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Just rename you application as ROOT and everyhing should work.

For example, if your app is located at /tomcat/webapps/myapp, just rename it to /tomcat/webapps/ROOT

If there is already the default ROOT folder, just move it out of the way. You don't need the default root.

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You do this in the host configuration for apache.

If you just have one app to do this with, it would be quicker to move the application from the folder myapp to the web host's document root. On a Debian EC2 instance this would be /var/www

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I am not using apache I am using tomcat6, so do I need to change anything in the configuration files of tomcat6 – Jeevan Dongre May 23 '11 at 10:40

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