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So after connecting to a vnc server via vnc viewer to my desktop (remotely), Is it possible to know whether the monitor connected to the CPU is switched ON or not.

Simply put, from command prompt how do you know whether monitor is ON/OFF from command line.

Here, Basically I am bit worried about privacy as my monitor can be viewed by anyone while accessed remotely. Any solution? Obviously there is a option to switch off the monitor while starting the vnc server at remote side but I am looking for a better solution to control monitor(possible??) remotely.


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What is your OS and vncserver brand ? –  yaplik May 24 '11 at 5:18

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Short answer, impossible.

Long answer, you would need to do some ACPI or DPMS querying to determine if a monitor is detected. If you detect a monitor it is likely it is in some form of a powered on state, either fully powered up or in standby.

Why are you using VNC? If your concern is privacy you really should never use VNC, it is a horrible protocol from a privacy/security perspective. Yes there have been some fixes to this over the years to address some of these limitations, but most often VNC data is transmitted unencrypted, including keyboard input. Also your question leads me to believe you using Wiondows as most Linux distributions will often spawn new display processes which are not associated with :0.0. In that case why are you not using remote desktop? It has better security built in, and comes with your Windows system by default.

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