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I am currently using TSM 5.5 ServerOnly for clients in DMZ.

When I run the backup with a test schedule it connects fine sending files to server in LAN however, the files/folders sent arent defined in dsm.sys.

My question is, besides dsm.sys, is there any other place TSM looks for configurations on a Linux box?

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It turned out to be a problem with virtual mount points, ext4fs and the TSM client version.

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Configuration Files at IBM Tivoli Backup Client :

Deafult Directory: /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/

  • dsm.sys
  • dsm.opt

IBM Tivoli backup client guide

When I used TSM backup, all the configuration at the client (dsm.sys) will be override by the server. You may want to look at the file backup server for configuration, too.

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