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I'm wondering about the printers and file settings in GPME. This is a vanilla install (2008 R2 Foundation) that is replacing an older 2003 machine. I was thinking about starting a new domain and just joining all the computers/users to it. However, I would then need to go though and transfer all their profiles. And even if that went smoothly, there'd still be an issue with people's online banking not recognizing the computers....

What would be the easiest and most painless way to go about this? There aren't a whole ton of AD rules--could fairly easily re-write them. But I'm not sure about the other stuff; should I join the new server to the domain and then transfer, promote, then demote 2003? Should I just unplug the old and plug-in the new?

The main reason we are upgrading is faster disks.

We are using 2003 for:

  • DNS
  • AD
  • Mail (local only)
  • WINS
  • Print (never worked correctly)
  • Files

I'd love to take advantage of some of the things 2008 offers such as WDS for deploying new machines/re-imaging, but not critical. Also would like to get the print server working.

Thanks for any tips.

I forgot to mention that I did try to join the machine to the existing domain, but the process failed when 2008Foundation threw a licensing error (too many users).

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Just add the new server as a DC to the existing domain. Then, also keep your old machine but upgrade the OS, because you should have 2 DCs per domain unless you're really on a shoestring budget and also wouldn't mind rebuilding your whole domain from scratch if you had a hardware failure.

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Yeah, I forgot that I tried this; when I tried to join the existing domain 2008Foundation threw a license error (too many users). Very much shoestring budget--RAID and backups. Thanks... – stormdrain May 24 '11 at 14:24
@microchasm: Building a new domain isn't going to change the fact that you have to many users for the edition of Windows that you're going to roll out... unless you plan on purging (eliminating, firing) some users. – joeqwerty May 24 '11 at 14:26
@joeqwerty thing is: I don't have too many users. It's just that fumbling around with 2003 for 5 years has led to quite a few stray accounts. I tried deleting the ones that I couldn't identify, but I think there are some created by programs or other ways (IIS installs/uninstalls etc.). I need this server to remain functional so I can't just go all willy-nilly deleting accounts. Thanks! – stormdrain May 24 '11 at 14:29
Try disabling the suspect ones for a week, make sure nothing fails and you're not getting weird errors in the event logs, and then delete them. – mfinni May 24 '11 at 14:32
Also - get VMware player and evaluation ISOs for Windows Server so you can do your hands-on learning in a test environment, not on your only production server. – mfinni May 24 '11 at 14:33

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