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I have recently started moving some HG repos to a network drive. The HG web setup worked perfectly when the repos were on the local drive.

Old Setup:

  • C:\Repos\repo1
  • C:\Repos\repo2

the hgweb.conf had the following:

[paths] / = C:/Repos/*

New Setup:

  • //storage/repos/repo1
  • //storage/repos/repo2

the hgweb.conf has the following:

[paths] / = //storage/repos/*

When I then browse hgweb, none of my repositories show up in the list (the page renders fine, just no repos listed).

I have tried every combination of / and \ to no avail.

I don't think this is a permission problem as I have looked though filemon, and mercurial IS finding the paths, and reading the .hg directory for each. It's just not displaying them on the web.

I have also tried mounting the network path to a drive letter, and that also doesn't work.

Any help greatly appreciated =)

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Just FYI, the problem with this was to do with the username that the Apache2 service was running under. Setting that up with a user that had permission to access the network path fixed the issue.

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