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I have downloaded mysql-advanced-5.1.46sp1-osx10.6-x86_64.dmg and installed it. I have a custom my.cnf file and no data to begin with. I dont see mysql_install_db any where. How can i install one. The server where I am copying this configuration from has mysql_install_db present. pkginfo returns nothing useful and man page states that this mysql_install_db is from Oracle.

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According to README, MySQL.pkg gets installed into /usr/local/mysql-VERSION

mysql_install_db is located in /usr/local/mysql-VERSION/scripts/

The Mac OS X PKG of MySQL installs itself into /usr/local/mysql-VERSION' and also installs a symbolic link, /usr/local/mysql', that points to the new location. If a directory named /usr/local/mysql' exists, it is renamed to /usr/local/mysql.bak' first. Additionally, the installer creates the grant tables in the mysql' database by executingmysql_install_db'.

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