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I need to be able to monitor two sets of Windows Server 2008 machines with System Center Essentials 2010.

  1. One physical and 3 virtual (Hyper-V) servers in a domain configuration.
  2. On the same LAN, but not in a domain configuration two physical and 3 virtual (Hyper-V) machines in a workgroup.

The non domain machines are public facing client web and database servers.

If I set-up a new VM inside the domain with System Center Essentials 2010 can I monitor the non domain servers?

If this isn't possible is there a Windows solution similar to System Center Essentials that can monitor domain and non domain machines in the same set up?

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You can just join those computers to the domain and keep old users using / logging old profiles, except if you need to have them in a seperate workgroup.

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You really missed the point. They're not in the domain because they're public-facing web and DB servers. – mfinni Nov 18 '11 at 14:11
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I know this is true for SCE 2007, excerpt from the System Centre forums FAQ

Question 6: Can I monitor a machine that is in a workgroup?

Answer: Essentials requires that all managed computers are a member of a domain.

Link to full FAQ

I assume this is the same for SCE 2010

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