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Okay, the CEO of the company had just asked me to set up a 'proper mailing' list.

For reasons too long to describe here, we've been running with hMailServer on Windows Server 2003. Unfortunately the 'distribution list' facility on hMailServer is, to put it mildly, lacking.

hMailServer is scriptable, but rather than reinventing the wheel, I guess I'll just create a Linux VM to handle this.

Now, for this purpose, I'm looking for a Mailing List Manager that fulfills the following requirements:

  • Does not need access to the email spool directory
  • Does not need to integrate with the mail server, but can act as a POP3 / IMAP client -- or --
  • Can act as an SMTP server (so that I can employ fetchmail to actually perform the mail-pulling)
  • Support basic mailing list management commands (subscribe + unsubscribe)
  • Performs mail header mangling (e.g., prefixing Subject: with [ListName])
  • Allows for one-way (e.g., announcement-only) mailing list

Not required are:

  • Web-based management
  • Mail archival system
  • Integration with Active Directory and/or LDAP

Can anyone recommend something that fits my need?

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I was looking into this same thing awhile ago and wanted to try phpList. They seem to cover all your requirements, however I didn't fully check it out.

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I have phpList running and I can recommend it too. The GUI looks a little bit old but the software works fine. –  Raffael Luthiger May 25 '11 at 15:28
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