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In Heartbeat, can I configure it so virtual IPs on different interfaces are linked together when it comes to failover? For example with:


If eth0 were to fail, and cause foo2 to pick it up, the same would happen for eth1 because eth0 failed. The same would be true for the reverse as well.

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Yes. I have a set of external VIPs "paired" with a set of internal VIPs that have this same requirement. I also have failover working in both directions.

Here's a look at my config and some explanation. I've redacted the public IPs.

server1    x.y.z.2/27/eth0/x.y.z.31
server2    x.y.z.25/27/eth0/x.y.z.31

So, there are two internal floating VIPs, and is primary on server1 and is primary on server2.

For external VIPs, x.y.z.2/27 is primary on server1 and x.y.z.25/27 is primary on server2.

I just realized this but I am using the eth0 interface for all these IPs without issue. In reality, the x.y.z.0/27 network is physically connecting to eth1. Give it a shot.


See also keepalived/vrrpd and vrrp_sync_groups:

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