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Hey all, I am using Plesk 10 and I am wondering which Plesk user I should use to run a backup shell script. The shell script needs access to mysqldump and the vhosts directory. Does anyone know? I don't really want to run it as root...

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You should run it as root. I know security is important, but it's the best method and everybody who uses Plesk Backup runs it as root. It's just required since the program needs to back-up the entire of: /var/www/ /var/lib/mysql /var/qmail /var/named /etc/ /usr/local/psa (3 or 4 other paths)

You need root access for that. Also, most other back-up solutions also need root access for this purpose. I also use Plesk and I use rsnapshot for back-ups and just back-up the 8 paths that Plesk uses. I also use Veeam for making back-ups of my virtual machine.

I have used Pleskbackup in 2007 and was not happy with it at all. It could be much improved now though! It was truly horrible then and the idea of having such a back-up solution again just does not feel good. You are dependant on a crappy Pleskbackup tool, that often has issues with restoring back-ups. When you use sysbk or rsnapshot to make back-ups of the actual paths, restoring is very very easy and you can just re-install same version of Plesk on a fresh server and restore the paths. It's very simple and you never have to be afraid that the Plesk backuptool will let you down.

Long story short, I like that you care about security, but you should run back-ups as root!

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Hi, I made my own script and it needs access to vhosts directory and mysqldump. I don't backup var/lib/mysql etc... just data. –  Darren May 25 '11 at 20:24

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