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I use a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization system and need to get a VM off the system an onto a standalone box running KVM. Red Hat don't seem to support a way to do this, but commented that the latest virt-convert should do it.

I tried copying the image off the nfs export domain (both ovf definition and disk file), then ran

virt-convert -i ovf -o virt-image ovf-file.ovf

But I get the error: list index out of range

The problem seems the same as this. I've tried it on RHEL 6, Centos 5.6 and Fedora 14. Any suggestions on what is going wrong?

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Since you have the disk image from the export domain, why not simply create a new VM in virt-manager or virsh, with the same params the RHEV one had, and attach the disk image to it?

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