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I have 2 Hyper-V servers one Windows Server 2008 and one Windows Server 2008 R2. I moved a VM from the 2008 box to the 2008 R2, with the 2008 on domain X and the 2008 R2 on domain y.

When the migration finished I was left with this batch of warning messages

Warning (11010) The Network location New Network Location (192.168.200.) associated with the virtual machine STAGING does not exist on host 2008R2.

Recommended Action Select a different host and then try operation again.

Warning (1237) The Virtual Network 2008 associated with the virtual machine STAGING does not exist on host 2008R2

VMM cannot enable or disable the MAC addresses spoofing or VM network optimization settings because the Virtual Network Adapter associated with virtual machine STAGING is not connected to a virtual network.

Recommended Action Connect the virtual network adapter to a virtual network, and then try the operation again.

Warning (10696) The host network adapter does not support the specified virtual network adapter configuration.

Recommended Action Select a host network adapter that supports this configuration.

The strange thing is I seem to have no actual networking issues in the sense I have no problem accessing the box over RDC directly or via HTTP.

What exactly do these messages want me to fix?

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I've seen this before, try deleting the virtual network adapter for that VM, and recreate it.

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That was my first thoughts after poking around all the hardware tab and not seeing anything that seemed out of place. – Chris Marisic May 26 '11 at 13:41

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