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I have a tomcat webapplication running on 8080 which will fetch xml from another application at 4040, both running on a xp machine. Everything was working fine until I installed IPv6. Now I cannot access the application from tomcat.

What I find strange is that the xml can be viewed using browser, but the same url does not work when used by the tomcat application. I get a ConnectionException. Changing the value to ipv4, did not work either.

Trying to access the application from another machine did not work either.

Does anyone know whats going on here?

Please help.

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It's the APR listener. If you don't need it, remove tcnative1.dll or change server.xml to not load it.

I'm pretty sure there must be a way to force it to listen on ipv4 as well, but by default it only listens on ipv6 if ipv6 is installed.

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