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I'll try to be "short." I've successfully enabled http server option on my Cisco 870, now I need to reach it and use the web based configuration. I haven't found how to assign an IP to the router itself. How can I do this?

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You can assign an IP address either to a physical (Ethernet) interface or to a VLAN including one or more of them; the default configuration has all interfaces sitting on VLAN 1, so the easiest approach is assigning an IP address to it.

That would be:

! Enters configuration mode
configure terminal

! Enters configuration of interface VLAN 1
interface vlan1

! Configures IP address and subnet mask

! Assure interface is not down
no shutdown

! Exits configuration of interface VLAN 1

! Exits configuration mode


configure terminal
interface vlan1
ip address
no shutdown
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@Brenn: it's true that VLAN interfaces are down by default for newly-created VLANs, but not for the default one; anyway, issuing a "no shutdown" can't do any harm, so I'm leaving it there. – Massimo May 29 '11 at 20:23

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