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output of pmap:

Address           Kbytes     RSS   Dirty Mode   Mapping
00000000006b4000      60      16      16 rw---    [ anon ]

What's it saying ?

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Here pamp specifics ...

Check here: It explains what RSS and Dirty seems to be ...

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-1 The question asks about the meaning of particular fields. The answer provides generic links about pmap usage. – Kshitiz Sharma Jun 2 at 16:08

From man:

  • Address: start address of map
  • Kbytes: size of map in kilobytes
  • RSS: resident set size in kilobytes
  • Dirty: dirty pages (both shared and private) in kilobytes
  • Mode: permissions on map: read, write, execute, shared, private (copy on write)
  • Mapping: file backing the map, or '[ anon ]' for allocated memory, or '[ stack ]' for the program stack
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