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I am re-purposing some old Corinex powerline ethernet wall mounts. They came with a setup cd with a wizard application for setting up the hardware, but the application doesn't seem to work on 64bit windows 7 (not surprised really - the plugs are from 2004).

Anyone remember how to configure these things without the software tool? I have no idea what there current configuration on the hardware is.

I plugged them into separate wall sockets (the link status led indicated a link between them) and tried generating traffic and then looking at my arp table to see if i could see stuff, but nothing came up. My networking skills are limited at best.

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How about installing Windows XP Mode on the Windows 7 workstation and running the software from there?

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You don't say what model you're talking about. On their website, Corinex has manuals for some old equipment. If, e.g., you've got the AV200, this guide tells you how to configure it via a web browser.

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oldest version. It is actually "Corinex Powerline Ethernet Wall Mount". It predates the AV200. – michael May 28 '11 at 19:51
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I emailed Corinex, and after clarifying exactly which model I was talking about Corinex ignored all further emails from me.

So apparently according to Corinex's stellar support, the first generation Corinex powerline wall plugs are not worth supporting.

email exchange:


Any eta on solving the problem?

The program complains that it cannot locate the local adapter. I found an old corinex support page that mentioned improper install of WinPcap could be the issue. I have tried on an xp computer and windows 7. Still no luck.

Can I get access to the Mac OS x version of the software?


  • Hide quoted text - On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 7:58 PM, Michael wrote:


Here are all the descriptors i could find!

Stamped in plastic housing of unit Corinex PowerNet Ethernet

On sticker on packaging CXP-WME 1.6

On sticker on housing serial: 00 0b xx xx xx xx

Thanks, Michael

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Corinex Support wrote: Hi Mr.,

Can you provide the exact model number of your device?

Thank you,

Corinex Support Team

-----Original Message----- From: Michael [mailto:Michael Sent: May-28-11 5:56 PM To: Subject: corinex website: Setup tool for original powerline

This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Michael


I have 4 of the original powerline wall mounts (earlier than the AV200). The setup tool does not seem to function on Windows 7. Is there a version of the setup tool for Windows that would work on Windows 7 or alternatively for Mac OS X(I have a few Mac OSx based computers accessible as well).


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