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should I run nginx for static content on port 81 or set it up as reverse proxy to apache?

Which is a better idea and why? I'm currently simply running nginx on port 81. i was wondering if there are any benefits as running it on port 80 instead and proxy to apache that sits on 8080 for example?

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If you have clients in the corporate world than having a site that servers content on non-standard ports may cause issues. A lot of companies will only allow certain ports (80,443, sometimes 8080) out. This obviously isn't a universal standard but having someone email you saying your page loads but has no images or css can be a bit frustrating.

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I find it a hassle to use a non standard port to handle HTTP. The devs have to make sure to always add the port option and secondly tomorrow if you decide to use a CDN you wouldn't be able to.

The other option could be that you configure another subdomain like and don't proxy it.

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What Pratik Amin said is also true. – Sameer May 28 '11 at 1:50

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