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When I reboot my windows machine my FlexRaid storage pool drive letter does not automatically appear. I have to open FlexRaid, open the pool and click the Publish / Re-Start button then it appears.

I found documentation that explains steps on how to make a pool auto-start, but I think it may be for version 1.x of flex raid. How do I auto-start / publish a pool in FlexRaid version 2?? (is it the same, if so, where is the config file or screen in v2 the corresponds?)

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So I was told I need to set the auto start delay in preferences - a 0 means it does not auto-start. I tried setting it to "1" also "1000", click save, no error, but it is not saving that setting. If I close out and re-open the flexraid admin it is back to 0. – Scott Szretter May 31 '11 at 11:56
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Did a little more digging, found a way to get it to work! Create a file named AutoStart.txt in the flex raid folder and put the autostart value in there (1000 is what i used). Now my pool (z drive) mounts at startup!

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