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I'm trying to publish web applications automatically using command-line but the default Windows FTP client does not support recursive upload/download for instance.

What are my alternatives to the default Windows FTP client?

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"Best" is pretty subjective, you should edit your question to indicate your requirements or metrics for qualifying what you consider best. – jscott May 28 '11 at 14:37
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Winscp is a native Microsoft Windows client that has a command line and scripting interface which supports recursive upload and download. Whether it's the best I wouldn't like to say.

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It seems that lftp 4.2.3 exists in the cygwin repositories. It's a very powerful command-line ftp client, very scriptable.

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I note the "ultimate" ftp client is still unmentioned - there is a Windows port for NcFTP

share|improve this answer <- Curl, does provide ftp among other protocols

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