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Oh, .htaccess hurts my head.

So, I have a webpage which has a pretty URL of though actually lives at

I achieve this using an .htaccess line of...

RewriteRule ^(radio|tv|magazines|newspapers)/jobs$ /content/directory_jobs.php?section=$1

This same page has an optional ?pages= query string - so you can go to and see the second page.

The above .htaccess line, however, doesn't add this pages variable: with the result that the underlying PHP script doesn't see a 'pages' variable.

Can I tweak the above .htaccess line to ensure that I do pass a 'pages' variable if it exists? Or do I have to have two .htaccess lines for every page like this?

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Just add the QSA (Query string append) flag

RewriteRule ^(radio|tv|magazines|newspapers)/jobs$ /content/directory_jobs.php?section=$1 [QSA]

With QSA flag /radio/jobs -> /content/directory_jobs.php?section=jobs
/radio/jobs?foo=bar -> /content/directory_jobs.php?section=jobs&foo=bar
/radio/jobs?foo=bar&boo=bosh -> /content/directory_jobs.php?section=jobs&foo=bar&boo=bosh
mod_rewrite will figure out if it needs to add a ? or a $ so for a rewrite rule

RewriteRule ^([a-z]+)$ /$1.php [QSA]

/something?foo=bar -> /something.php?foo=bar

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D'oh. Brilliant, thank you. – jamescridland May 28 '11 at 19:03

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