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There's been a lot of questions centering on Software Tools for System Administrators. But I would like to know about any odd physical tools or techniques that you've used; Something that you never expected to be useful, but ended up saving the day.

I'll go first:

A Camera Phone.

An application server had a major power issue that borked the RAID. Many of the disks were offline. Before I took the plunge and forced disks back online, I took a picture of the RAID BIOS screen with my camera phone. Having the exact layout of the RAID stored safely in my pocket, I was able to reset the RAID, and reboot the server.

What odd tools/techniques have you used?

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+1 for camera phone. They are also incredibly useful when working with someone over the phone to troubleshoot a problem and there is a long error message on the screen. I wish all remote hands people had/made use of them. – Mark Jun 17 '09 at 18:40
I've used it to document lights on the front panel and ports on the back panel (in this case, of a DEC Alpha system). – Mei Jun 17 '09 at 23:18

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If you want a cheaper version of hotplug you just need a server with bonding and redundant power supplies =)

get your extension lead going to your new rack location and a network cable that will fill that length, plug them in then disconnect the localised rack power and network, move the server then plug back into the racks new network/power =)

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I had a switch go down one night after a huge surge, I used some phone cable wire to bridge the connection. Hmm I still need to get that fuse...

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A vaccum cleaner ! It's always better when you can work in clean environment or remove all the dust that jam the cooling system.

We go this one : alt text

It looks ghostbusters enough so you don't have to be ashamed while working with !

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Big fan of the camera phone over the last couple of years for documenting consoles/error lights on switches/servers. My new favorite tool to carry in my backpack is a FLIP camera. I find it very useful for documenting wire racks/trays, or remote maintenance closets that I need to have a 'view' of from my desk while on the phone with a tech. Plus, it is great to document when someone in the office goes nuts.

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