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I have a VMWare ESXi server with the RCLI appliance installed. I was wondering if it was possible for the RCLI host to mount the filesystem of another guest. I'm assuming there's some way for it to mount the vmfs (as I understand it, at least) where all the guest vmdk's (?) live.

I was looking for something like on VMWare Fusion. So I went looking for what mount.* commands were available and I found /sbin/mount.vmhgfs.

What is vmhgfs?

Is it vmfs by a different name?

Will it let me mount vmdk's with an ext3 filesystem, assuming I could get the right mount point set up?

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That is the driver that allows the shared files feature of VMware Workstation and other products that use it.

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I can't find a lot of documentation on it, but it appears to be the vmware host/guest filesystem

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