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Using CentOS 5, I have a screen session running and I often reattach to it after a day or two with the usual:

screen -r <sockname>

The session reattaches fine, and runs fine (I can see output from ongoing processes happening in the background) but I can't enter in any commands... Does anyone have any tips for getting screen sessions to start accepting your commands again?

Note that I can enter C- commands successfully, I.E. C-d detaches the session, C-[ enters copy mode - k,l then scroll through the buffer. I simply can't enter in any system commands, like ps etc.

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You may need to detach any existing sessions in order to take the write lock for the session. For example, screen -d -r

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Thanks Tom, will give that syntax a try next time it occurs and update the question status. – Allen Jun 7 '11 at 4:34

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