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I have a table in SQL say 'X'(i primary key int,j int, dt datetime) and it contains some data. The initial load of data is fine but I am confused about how to handle the incremental data. i.e. suppose initially X contains some data

1,2, 12-22-2010
3,4, 06-12-2011

and the next time the following data is coming into X

1,2,12-22-2010 3,4, 06-12-2011
5,6, 07-01-2011
3,7, 10-10-2011

so the X shall become,

1,2, 12-22-2010
3,7, 10-10-2011
5,6, 07-01-2011

can somebody please tell me how to handle the above situation using SSIS using different transformations and using pure sql?

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Take a look at the merge keyword. What I'd suggest is you load all your data into a temporary table (clear this between each load), then import all the server from the temporary table to your main table.

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