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My company actually use gmail with our domain for the email service,and I need to take backup from all accounts from this domain in local drive.

Its possible? Is there any tool to backup all accounts for the domain ?

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I know they offer an archiving service, which probably has this facility built-in. Otherwise, you'd have to connect to each account and download the entire mailbox for each user. This could be very time consuming.

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I did some quick research just now, there are some utilities on the google apps marketplace but none look promising. How are your users connecting? – SpacemanSpiff May 30 '11 at 7:52

This might come in handy: gmail_backup, which is based on "imap2maildir".
Maybe create some DIY-scripting around it, since you need it for all accounts.

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If you have a Linux server at your disposal:

There is a Perl command line tool called imapsync (apt-get install imapsync) which synchronizes IMAP accounts accross two servers.

The tricky part is that you have to gather usernames and passwords from all your users.

Your work would be a bash script which automatically backups emails to a local IMAP server. You would personally go this way.

You can even use a crontab to do it every night.

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